We are developing soft solutions for the locals.

Take full control of your business’ presence – on- & offline!

Every business should know about commonly available tools to help them grow their businesses.

Although most of these tools are freely available online, not many people are aware of them or know how to use them successfully.


Simple digital tools like social media account, email marketing, modern web design, SEO, CRM, online customer support and so on…… are no rocket science – YOU can successfully use them on your own and grow your business!

Custom web solutions

Businesses are always started with good intent to solve challenges faced by potential users. These issues may be tangible or not, in any case, potential users need an interactable platform to get the first impression of your solutions.
While you plan to present your solutions to future clients, let your brand speak for itself. Get custom web solutions for your branding that will speak for itself. That is the best shot you can give as a first impression

Process digitalization

Many companies have survived generations because of good branding, products and services that customers positively testify to everyday. Although operating without digital tools in their work process, you will be surprised how many businesses are doing very well.
How much more successful will they be if there learned, adopted and integrated digitalized processes in optimizable workflows! Let OJIRA scale up your production capacity and delivery. Your customers can gain even more satisfaction than what you currently offer them. Let us help optimize your workflow.

Business strategy

Every business or organization needs strategies to serve as guidelines to help them achieve both long-term and short-term goals. This is especially true for newbies in different industries.
All businesses are faced with opportunities, challenges, and threats every day – and most of them come in disguise. You only foresee and know about them if you are, not just well informed, but also well equipped. Are you just getting started in your business? Are you already well established? Or Are you an OG in the game already? Let us help you see the other side of the coin with our local business strategies.

Media analytics

Your best SEO shot is to be present on as many media platforms as possible. But then what happens afterward? Anyone can set up a social media account and showcase their products. If you are lucky and understand the tricks, you will get thousands of engagements. But does it stop there?
What do you do with the data generated daily from your media platforms? Do you know you can increase your sales hundred folds if you understood the analytics of your media platforms? One of our specialties at OJIRA is understanding media analytics in the light of helping local businesses reach the right target audience and growing their businesses several folds.

Let OJIRA give you the power of using digital technology to transform your business