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OJIRA Soft provides unique web and and business solutions that make brands and businesses stand out. We help our clients sell their custom identities with the best digital media designs and strategies development to keep their audience both online and offline engaged. We believe that businesses are about the uniqueness of values and how well brands stories are represented and told.

We like to share ourselves with the world and our potential clients, so you can always be reminded of the work we do here

Like every other story, we have our first chapters: the beginning. Our goal is to create soft and digital solutions for all types of businesses.

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We offer web design and maintenance services. These services are tailored to the needs and desires of our clients.

From UI/UX design to web development, we have a team ready to meet and satisfy your web solution requirements.

Latest Projects



CongoTalks243 was created for inquisitive minds like yours to learn more about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It is no surprise that the image of the DRC is often portrayed as one ravaged by political instabilities and if you are African, this reality is no news to you we believe.


C & M FarmTechs

C&M FarmTech offers a comprehensive solution for specialized farming that transforms it into various products for commercial and individual purposes.


Destiney Arkaden

Destiney Arkaden provides an educational platform that enables prospective international students to find the right study programs and universities abroad, especially in Germany and other EU countries.


Mandigo Discothek

Transforming Berlin’s Elite Nightlife With Its Impeccable Design And Finishing, Complemented With Stunning And First Of Its Kind Decor And Lighting, World Class Customer Service And Hospitality.

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